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*NEW* pics of me

My Fraternity -- Sigma Lambda Beta - Beta Beta Chapter -- (Includes pictures)

-- Read some of my thoughts, quotes and other random and intersting ramblings

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 Communication Programs that you can use to contact me

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 Current Projects

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Larry S.

Born in Fullerton; Live in Anaheim CA USA

This page was FIRST made for the purpose of placing information about myself for the wonderful people that I met during my trip to Japan on  July 31 - August 16 of 1998

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Communication Programs [click the links to find out more about the programs and to download them too]

AOL Instant Messenger This is my favorite program; it is like sending extremely fast Emails please try it out you will want to use it with your friends. It's fun, fast and easy.

 Yahoo Pager  has instant messages, buddylists, integration, voice chat, stocks, news, yahoo email notification, . . . lots of stuff, great and fun to use.

 ICQ ----- you can send me messages on ICQ even if you donít have it by going here and using the Web-Pager Panel or check out more ways to contact me at My Personal ICQ Page

  - this is an extremely fun an incredible program you can play games and do voice messaging and instant messages. You can also create "communities" to play games in and chat with friends plus many other incredible things.

 If any of you have other ways that you like to communicate or if you have questions about these programs please email me at, thank you!

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Contact Information [for more information on each contact medium please look at the associated links under the section "Contact Programs"]


ICQ: my ICQ screenname is Lair Dawg and my ICQ number is 9587768 I hardly use this - but might sometime <- ICQ STATUS (look above for more info)

AOL Instant Messenger: my main AOL IM screenname is Larry8281 and RavenX086 some other that i hardly ever use are - Lair Dawg, Sanchismo7, Sanz67.  --  This is the best way to contact me

PowWow: My PowWow address is I hardly use this - but might sometime

Yahoo Pager: my Yahoo ID is The440Challenger I use this sometimes

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Yahoo Profile for The440Challenger HERE

FriendFinder profile for Sanchismo HERE


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Current Projects

My web site: I try to work on it on and off every so often but I just donít seem to have the time or the drive

School: studying and learning -

Enlightenment : Figuring out how to do what i want to do at all times while satisfying both myself and others and not harming or injuring another in anyway

My 1970 Dodge Challenger: Restoring it, cleaning it, learning about it, driving it. Check here for related pics [see "mychal.jpg"].

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Biographical Information

Born January, Fourth 1982

5'11" [about 1.9 m.] tall

weigh 170 lbs. [about 72.6 kg.]

Lived in Anaheim, CA, USA all my life

Traveled to Japan during July 31 through August 16 of 1998

O+ blood type

Currently single

Have two older sisters

Love Carl's Jr. 99-cent spicy chicken sandwiches, famous stars, and fries; McDonald's fries; In n' Out Double-Doubles, fries and shakes; Areibertos Carne Asada Burritos; Carrows chicken strips, pasta dishes, and cream of broccoli soup. Love Score candy bars and Reses' pieces peanutbutter cups. Love Tato Skin's, Ruffles sourcream and onion(and chedder) chips, Tostitos tortilla chips, and Fritos.

Been in school all my life. I go to LMU (Loyola Marymount University) planning on graduating in 2004

and a lot of other cool stuff

old Dream job - for my career I would like to become an "Automotive Engineer" for Chrysler or Mopar and eventually gain a high, WELL paying position in the same company - and own a big collection of AWESOME cars, and have a huge ranch. And I would also like to protect animals and wildlife

NEW DREAM JOB - maybe this isnt a dream job but i will most likely become a Civil Engineer or/and an Architect - would love to be creative and helpful in improving existing buildings and new ones as well. I would like to make boring and ugly public buildings more asthetic while saving cost. One of my career goals is to devise high-quality  low-income housing that is heating and cooling efficient as well as asthetic and comfotable for the inhabitants - i want to creat something that the family's are proud of and is also economical.

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Personal Interests

I am an outdoors kind of guy so I will start by talking about my outdoor interests. I used to play football [I was a wide receiver and once O-line right gaurd]. I like to go camping, canoeing, fishing, boating, hiking, rock-climbing, walking, biking, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, spelunking, bodysurfing, bogey-boarding, exploring, stargazing, driving, dating and some various others. Basically you can call me a "nature boy," but in the last couple of years I have not had much time to follow these "hobbies". Also in the outdoor aspects of my hobbies, I like to work on the family cars, and I work out daily in the weight room (well as ofther as i can now that I'm in college - which turns out to be a couple times a week). In the indoor aspect of my interests I like to read magazines and learn about cars and "interesting facts" as well as read about current events and philosiphize. Also I like to play with my cat, sleep, watch TV, listen to music, use the computer, talk on the phone, and do home improvement tasks - oh yeah and i like to party once in a while too - HAHA!. I enjoy practically all music but mostly I listen to country, jazz, tru (nonpop) techno, alternative, punk, and rap/rock . Some of my favorite bands are: Goldfinger, Pennywise, Five Iron Frenzy, Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind, Dave Matthews band, Beck, Coldplay, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Radiohead. . .artists: Antonio Carlos Jobim, Tu Pac, Tim McGraw, . . . I also LOVE to dance(I go clubbin and other dance venues all the time. For a list of some of my favorite songs (songs I downloaded onto my computer) click HERE . My Fav show is The SIMPSONS, fav sport to watch is boxing. - it rules!! Fav Radio Stations are the local KROQ, KIIS, POWER and KFRG and Kick FM] BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Take care and I hope you enjoyed my page =]

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Last Revised: 4/09/2001


All information copyrighted by Larry S. except the "names" listed 1999-2001